1 John 5:14

And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He heareth us.

I always call out my mum even when i have nothing to tell her, immediately i step into the house, she is the first person i call out, i shout out and keep calling her until she responds. She complains about it at times but she doesn’t seem to understand that it gives me joy when she responds and i get to now she is home…i can’t seem to get the right words to explain to her either.

You see, i love my mum and i love finding her at home, the house always seems and feels empty without her presence.

A good friend of mine once lent me a book that spoke of how this Pastor’s wife who was a stay at home wife had kids and each one would come in the house, at different intervals through the door and yell out ‘MUM’ and she would respond, ‘yes Darling, i am upstairs ironing, do you need anything?’ the particular child would respond saying ‘no’ and leave the house shutting the door behind them. This happened with all her 5 kids, each calling to her and she responding the same way. I could relate to this…

Our Father in heaven always hears and responds to us when we call Him, ever so lovingly and He never gets tired of responding however many times or however much we call Him. He loves us unconditionally.

Mark 1:40-41 tells us He is always willing to do what we ask of Him. Question is do we go to Him with a willing heart? Do we call out to Him only when in trouble or at all times? I know for sure and always continuously pray that i may always remember that i need Him more on my best days than on my worst days.

He is always willing to make us better, but are we willing to let Him change us…change our lives…are we, willing to surrender fully to Him so He can take over and mould us into who He created us to be?

The story of after Jesus’ resurrection in Luke 24:13-19 helps us understand more of what He wants from us. He asked them ‘What things?’ (GNB) not because He didn’t know what had happened, but because He delights in us telling Him what is happening or what is going on despite Him knowing it all.




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