A few years back, i stumbled upon a minister on Facebook called Francis Frangipane. I read through his posts which were so encouraging and even enrolled for his online training course called In Christ’s Image which runs for about six months.

There is a particular article that struck a chord with me…he mentioned that he realized that both God and the devil wanted him to die…and of course for different reasons. Satan wanted to destroy him through slander while God wanted to use those same lies to crucify his vulnerability to man’s control.

So he went through the journey of being made by God so as to die from the opinions of men so that he could become an effective minister.

I remember so vividly i made that prayer and told God to let me die from man’s opinion and God being faithful and because what He does for one He can do for another, took me through that process.

It was very painful, i promise you that, i shed tears, my heart broke to gazillion pieces…again and again….my self esteem and reputation were damaged, but at the end of that process, God filled my tear tank…(for times i will cry for joy of course), gave me a new heart, new self esteem…after all, He has our more original parts.(wink)

The devil always uses what you love and who you love to hurt you…he uses people close to you otherwise he wouldn’t be able to get close to you to hurt you. Sometimes these people do it unknowingly…or knowingly.

That journey wasn’t pretty at all…be careful what you ask for 😀 albeit i am constantly and consistently on the road to be more like Christ…i always pray and tell God that let the Adamic nature in me not only faint but die so i can live for Him and all to the glory of His name.

I would like to encourage you today, especially you who is hurt or gets hurt because someone said something about you. You first of all need to realise that people will always be people, they will never stop talking.

I have been accused, abused, my reputation degraded, downgraded, dragged on the ground and thrown in the dustbin…the lid closed for finality…but i always come out stronger because of that prayer i made that day.

I have come to the conclusion that people talk about you because they are jealous, envious of who you are – a beautiful human being and because they cannot have what you have. They see you as a threat because you are relevant.

When you know you are innocent, their words shouldn’t  faze you. How else will you know you are making progress…unless they talk. In the words of a mighty woman of God i religiously follow, Reverend Funke Felix Adejumo, she says backbiters always stay at the back, biting dust as you progress forward.

Even Jesus perfect as he was, couldn’t please everyone, He was accused of using powers from the devil ( Matthew 12:24). If you want to be a people pleaser then you are doomed.

So nowadays, i get worried when i don’t hear they spoke about me because it means i am not doing something relevant. My spiritual father and mentor says even a mad man knows he cannot throw stones at a tree that has no fruit…people only throw stones at trees that have fruit.

Life is too short and meaningful to spend it listening to why people are insecure of your progress. Don’t shrink to make them comfortable. When you are God made, some things just don’t faze you and life is so much sweeter when only His opinion counts.

He sees the depths of your heart ( mind you the human heart is wicked, that is why we have to transform ourselves through God’s word Jeremiah 17:9, Romans 12:2)… and still loves you the same…who does that…only God.

Only his opinion counts.



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